Welcome to BlackWolf

BlackWolf is a new north-side community in the city of Lethbridge - a place to live, grow, and play in a true neighborhood setting.


Named 4-time community of the year, BlackWolf is a place to enjoy the best of yesterday in a vibrant modern community.

New 73 acre park

Opening early 2018, Lethbridge’s 73 acre north regional park borders the community of BlackWolf.

Find Your Fit

With over 30 models, we have the floorplan to fit your lifestyle and your budget the best. BlackWolf offers many opportunities to build and customize. Discover our selection of move-in-ready homes here.


BlackWolf is located at the north end of Lethbridge. Simply drive north on Scenic, then turn east on 40th ave north. You’ll know you are in the right spot when you are greeted by the wolves.