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Well, with Winter looking to be behind us and the warmer weather beginning to shape on the horizon, it is time to review some very important maintenance tips for your driveway. Winter conditions can play a large role on our driveways, and they have been through a lot this winter and the TLC you give them now will only help shape the look for years to come.

Did you know that the City of Lethbridge utilizes a beet juice solution for its anti-icing process that prevents the formation of ice on the road. This solution is added before a winter storm to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road and is a proactive stance. Then they move to a reactive position and complete a de-icing process. A combination of sodium chloride and calcium chloride are used to break the bond after snow has frozen to the roads. Four different mixtures of sodium chloride and sand are used to de-ice the road surfaces.

Remember that sodium chloride can be corrosive and will require you to wash your car and driveway in order to reduce exposure. Sealing your driveway will act as a barrier during the winter conditions but in no way will ensure full protection if proper maintenance is not completed.

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