Alberta’s Premier New Home Warranty Provider

“The Program” was founded in 1974 to provide a comprehensive package of warranty protections and promote higher standards of performance within Alberta’s homebuilding industry.

Some 41 years later, the Program is Alberta’s most experienced, most trusted new home warranty provider. We’re focused, more than ever, on performance, professionalism and value – the cornerstones of every successful relationship between homebuilders and their customers. For more information please visit

Alberta’s Mandatory “1-2-5-10” Coverages

1 Year Labour & Materials – coverage for defects in materials and labour (e.g., baseboards, flooring, fixtures)

2 Years Distribution Systems – coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (e.g., heating, electrical and plumbing systems)

5 Years Building Envelope – coverage for defects in the building envelope, which the Act defines as the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior (e.g., roof and exterior walls)

10 Years Structural – coverage for the key structural components of your homes (e.g., frame and foundation)


The Alberta New Home Warranty Program Advantages:

  • Are the first new home warranty provider in Alberta and Canada, incorporated almost 40 years ago
  • Are the largest warranty provider in Alberta serving more than 600 Builder Members
  • Have provided warranty coverage to over half a million homeowners over our history
  • Offers dispute resolution services that assist in the resolution of issues that may arise between Members and homeowners
  • We provide peace of mind in addition to value-added tools for homeowners i.e. the Homeowner Portal


What is Home Warranty?

Is the assurance that your new home is free from known defects. If defects occur the Builder will repair or replace any defects within a given period of time and under certain conditions. In the unlikely event that a Builder does not comply, The Alberta New Home Warranty Program (the Program) ensures the homeowner is similarly protected.


During the first year of ownership, Avonlea Homes Ltd and warranty program is dedicated to:

  • Addressing all pre-occupancy defects within a reasonable time;
  • Completing all pre-occupancy deficiencies as soon as possible;
  • Responding within a reasonable time frame to warranty and service issues brought to the Builder’s attention throughout the first year; and
  • Ensuring all warranty issues are completed by the end of the first year warranty period.

Individual Builder service and warranty programs may differ as far as methodology goes, but every Builder Member of the Program must have a service program in place to address customer concerns. Coverage’s are outlined in the Warranty Certificate that was part of your initial agreement. It is advisable to re-acquaint yourself with the particulars of your Builder’s service and warranty program. For example, you will want to know how to request service or warranty work through your Builder.